Theater that builds community and makes art out of everyday living

A transformational and spiritual practice, Motion Theater® is a form of improvised, autobiographical theater that is grounded in a lively physicality. What distinguishes the form is that it functions simultaneously as performance art, healing methodology, and spiritual practice. Motion Theater was created by long time Bay Area performer Nina Wise over the course of many years of practicing and performing modern dance, as well as improvised and scripted theater.

The weaving of movement and narrative, autobiography from the far and recent past and the spontaneity of improvisation make Motion Theater refreshingly authentic, edgy, hilarious, moving and transformative.
You can do it too!

Motion Theater Workshops
Motion Theater workshops give you the physical and spiritual tools to translate your inner life into theater. Everyone has a story to tell. But few of us have the opportunity to express ourselves freely in a safe and supportive environment. What makes Motion Theater unique is an emphasis on the integration of body, mind and spirit.

Stories reside in the body, so we begin by moving from our center, giving voice and gesture to our private characters and realities. Unbounded self-expression is remarkably satisfying–for the heart, the mind, the soul, and the body.

The sessions include relaxation, meditation, movement, singing, storytelling, and theater games. Expect to surprise yourself, to become more playful and at ease before an audience, and to leave with an enhanced sense of well-being in both your personal and creative lives.

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