The Undefended Heart: A 5Rhythms Heartbeat Workshop @ Clara Auditorium
Oct 4 @ 6:30 pm – Oct 6 @ 4:00 pm

How do we ride the waves of life with an open and undefended heart? How do we find the strength and courage to emotionally connect and embody the vulnerability of being human?

Using the physical map of 5Rhythms, we will explore the territory of our feelings, discovering how our fear, anger, sorrow, joy, and compassion move. Befriending and somatically moving emotions sets us free to be present and available for life’s mysterious unfolding to happen. The 5Rhythms dance gives us a fun, creative, and physical way to practice expressing ourselves so that we may live authentically and spontaneously in the moment. Together we will cultivate a safe space to dance, discover, and quietly integrate the dynamic presence of the undefended heart.