The Rhythms & Stories of our Lives @ Esalen Institute
Nov 16 – Nov 18 all-day

The Rhythms and Stories of Our Lives:  5Rhythms® and Motion Theater®   With Lucia Horan and Davida Taurek               A weekend playshop at the magical Esalen Institute!

      “Movement is medicine”. Gabrielle Roth

Experience the freedom and transformative power of self-expression through the catalytic practices of the 5Rhythms and Motion Theater. Motion Theater, a form of improvised autobiographical storytelling grounded in a lively physicality, simultaneously functions as performance art, healing method and spiritual practice. The 5Rhythms is a dynamic moving meditation practice that invites us to embody our psyche and awaken our soul.

Together we will dance, vocalize, share our stories, and play simple theater games that ignite the creative collective spirit. The skills and tools you will learn will inform your daily life, bringing acceptance, grace and play wherever you need it.

This workshop will provide techniques to translate your inner life stories into art, while offering the opportunity to express ourselves freely in a safe and supportive environment.  Expect to surprise yourself and perhaps even leave with a greater sense of vitality, ease and joy.

Holiday Retreat at Rancho la Puerta – Includes Aquatic Bodywork @ Rancho la Puerta
Dec 29 2018 – Jan 4 2019 all-day

Enjoy a holiday Retreat at Rancho la Puerta
I will be the acting Aquatic Bodywork Therapist on staff at Rancho la Puerta this week.
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