Fluid Presence® – a warm-water holistic therapy

Developed by Shantam, Fluid Presence® is an integral somatic and spiritual approach to WATA®(WaterDance), Watsu, Biodynamic Cranial Touch, and beyond. Exploring the grace of Presence through the fluidity of the water, characterized by a constant attention to the client’s breath, with a gentle, loving, supportive and intuitive touch, Fluid Presence invites you to dive deeply into the direct experience of your essential nature.

Receiving sessions in the water can be very powerful and have profound effects on the body, heart, mind, & soul. The water is a soft place to land with whatever is happening in your life at the moment, and is a very supportive and nurturing modality. Sessions are uniquely tailored to fit each individual, are an hour long and include time for dialogue about your intention and needs for the session. I recommend that you give yourself plenty of time after the session to walk, write, sit, integrate, and simply be with yourself.

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